O’Reilly offers a powerful combination of highly trusted content and unique learning experiences so you and your teams have the tools—and expert guidance—to work smarter and stay ahead.

Live events

Build skills with industry experts. We host a variety of live online events, including courses, virtual conferences, Q&A sessions, Architectural Katas challenges, and more. And your team members can ask questions as they learn.

Interactive sandboxes and scenarios

Your teams can access expert-guided or unstructured live coding environments to safely practise with the most in-demand technologies right in their browser. No setup needed.

Certification preparation

When your teams are certified, you can be confident they truly know a technology. We provide official prep materials and interactive practice exams for the industry’s most sought-after certifications.

Instant Answers

Our advanced natural language processing engine scans thousands of books and videos to find and highlight the answers to the toughest tech questions. So your teams get the solutions they need and can get back to work fast.

Easy access

Your teams can take O’Reilly wherever they go with our mobile app, learn from the comfort of home with our Roku and Amazon Fire TV apps, and get to content faster with our Google Chrome browser extension.

Admin tools for teams

Learning insights

Get the insights that matter. Our sophisticated reporting tool delivers a holistic view of how and how much your teams are learning—plus certification stats, a comparison to your competition, and more.


Easily integrate O’Reilly. We’ll sync up with the tools you’re already using, like identity providers, learning experience platforms, and reporting systems.

Professional services

Solve problems and unlock your potential. We offer personalized solutions to help you meet your specific business goals, including private online training, custom-curated content, and more.

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